Become a volunteer – working as a peer support mother

You will be a suitable peer mother when you:

  • Have had postpartum depression, depression during pregnancy or postpartum psychosis, but have recovered well from your illness.
  • You have a genuine desire to help others.

The peer support mothers are needed, among other things:

  • To be group leaders in towns that do not currently have an Äimä group and as additional members for groups with only one leader.
  • For peer support phone duty.
  • To be chat assistants.
  • To work as individual support mothers in new locations.
  • To be responsible for arranging events (usually this is done by someone who has already been with our association for some time).
  • To talk about the illnesses that are of Äimä’s concern and give introductions to Äimä ry and its activities in different contexts.
  • To be a blogger for Äimä’s peer support blog or to administrating Äimä’s social media accounts.

What do you get in return?

  • The joy of success: when you find that one benefits from your help, the joy is limitless.
  • The volunteering is unpaid, but it is social, rewarding, and it develops interpersonal skills.
  • Äimä ry gives training to volunteers several times a year – it is not necessary to participate in everything, but every training brings new knowledge and skills to the work of a peer support mother. Training, trips, overnight stays, and meals are always paid for by Äimä ry.
  • Volunteers have the right to use work supervision 1-3 times a year, and more upon request.

How do I become a peer support mother?

Our peer support mothers are carefully interviewed, and they receive self-study material.  Additionally, they participate in the next possible training provided by Äimä ry.


Please contact volunteering coordinator, heli.mikkola@aima.fi.

Do you need support?

Need peer support, a chat buddy, or want to talk about your issues? See our different forms of support here:

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