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Kriisistä valoon (Light After Crisis) – guidebook about postpartum depression in Finnish, Swedish, and English

Äimä ry’s guidebook about postpartum depression is a comprehensive guide for mothers suffering from postpartum depression as well as their loved ones and family. It is a functional guide for maternity nurses and health students. Experts have been interviewed for the guide and all articles have been peer reviewed.

The guide is also available in its entirety in Swedish and in English.

General brochure of Äimä ry

Downloadable pdf version of the brochure.

The brochure presents the forms of peer support offered by Äimä clearly and concisely. Abstracts of the brochure are also available in English, Swedish, Sámi, Estonian, Russian, Arabic and Somali. Links to versions in various languages can be found on the top bar of our website.

Guidebook about postpartum psychosis

Marja-Leena Svanberg-Karhu’s thesis on postpartum psychosis in relation to her master’s degree studies. The purpose of the thesis is to describe the mothers’ own experiences with postpartum psychosis. In the thesis, the mothers talk about their illness and the recovery. The goal was also, based on real-life experiences, to make a guidebook on how best to survive and get through the illness. The aim of the guide is to support mothers who are ill and to provide information about postpartum psychosis to other people who need it.

“Crying and sleeping sickness” (available only in finnish)

Tytti is a five-year-old little girl. She has just become a big sister, as a little brother has been born into the family.

Tytti is very happy about her new brother. Mum also says she is really happy about having the new baby, but she cries a lot and is constantly tired.

Crying and sleeping sickness talks about postpartum depression from a child’s point of view. Even a very young child can clearly identify the different emotional states and behaviours of grown-ups. If a new mother or father is constantly crying or tired, the child may imagine the parent’s changed behaviour to be their fault. The Crying and Sleeping Sickness (Itku- ja unitauti) booklet includes instructions on how to discuss postpartum depression in a way that is understandable for a young child.

Kuinka sinä voit? How Are You? – Tabletop information leaflet (available only in finnish and Swedish)

Helpful guidebook for social and health professionals designed to facilitate the conversation about difficult and sensitive issues.

44 pages, laminated, size A5.

Order the “Äiti aallokossa” book from Kirjapaja’s website

A book about depression during pregnancy, postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis. It is made in collaboration with Äimä ry.

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