Help and Support

Where to seek professional help

  • Maternity clinic staff, maternity clinic psychologist
  • Health centre GP
  • Psychiatric outpatient clinic
  • Emergency services in your area
  • Social services in your own area (the need for support can be investigated there: for example, financial support, child day-care, home care assistance, couple and family crises, home service for families with children)
  • In the event of an acute emergency, you can ALWAYS call the emergency number 112

The peer support provided by Äimä

If you want to talk to a peer support mother, please contact the volunteering coordinator, Peer support does not replace professional help but is intended to work alongside it.

Peer support chat in English:
Friday 12.4. at 14:30-15:30
Friday 19.4. at 14:30-15:30
Friday 26.4. at 14:30-15:30

At chat time, you can open the chat window on our main webpage, (“Apua chatista” box). Then click the “Vertaistukichat” button to start discussion.

More help available

Mieli (Mental Health Finland) ry offers help in crisis, more information can be found here.

Do you need support?

Need peer support, a chat buddy, or want to talk about your issues? See our different forms of support here:

Support available