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Recent theses, studies and dissertations related to postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, and depression during pregnancy. The content is regularly updated.


Kuopio Birth Cohort Survey 2018. The study investigates the effects of gestational exposures and heredity on the health of both an unborn child and his/her mother in approximately 10,000 mother-child pairs. The study is carried out by KYS’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the University of Eastern Finland, and THL (the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare). The relationship between gestational diabetes and post-pregnancy depressive symptoms is being investigated. Read more about the study (in Finnish) here.

Pro Gradu theses

Soininen, Sini 2017: Äidin raskauden aikaisen masennuksen vaikutus kokemukseen äitiydestä. (The effects of depression during pregnancy in the experiences of motherhood.) University of Eastern Finland. The study looks at the effects of depression during pregnancy as it relates to the experience of motherhood. The material consists of interviews with five mothers and two real-life writing assignments written by two mothers. The full Pro Gradu master’s thesis can be read (in Finnish) here.


Ryynänen, Emmi 2015: Synnytyksen jälkeinen masennus ja sen tunnistaminen neuvolassa – haastattelu terveydenhoitajille. (Postpartum depression and its identification in a maternity clinic – an interview for nurses). Savonia University of Applied Sciences. The study describes postpartum depression and its identification in a maternity clinic, as well as nurses’ own perceptions of the adequacy of their professional skills in identifying postpartum depression. Read the full thesis (in Finnish) here.

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