Contact information

Äidit irti synnytysmasennuksesta Äimä ry
Yliopistonkatu 5, 7th floor
Office mobile phone: 040 725 6229

Business ID: 1650783-4

Support phone number: 040 746 7424.
Here you will find the exact times that we are able to answer support calls

Executive director
Tanja Suni
050 363 3510

Volunteering coordinator
Heli Mikkola
046 923 7643
You can contact Heli with any questions or comments concerning the volunteering.

Association secretary
Sanna Karhula
040 725 6229
Sanna acts as the secretary of the association and is responsible for Äimä’s invoicing, accounting, membership register and event arrangement.

Training and communication coordinator
Inka Kansi
050 543 7798
Inka is responsible for Äimä’s training activities and communication.

Chairperson of the Board
Johanna Wartio

Johanna is responsible for the strategic management of the association.

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